Articles on racism in America

The Case for Reparations

A 15,000 word tour-de-force article that conveys how Black Americans’ wealth was systematically stolen from them by the government through slavery, Jim Crow, separate-but-equal, and until as late as the 1960s through discriminatory housing policies, how it affects Black communities today, and why we as a country need to come to terms with this past.

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Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism?

The Summer 2014 issue of Independent School magazine has 2 articles on this topic, which are sadly not yet online. One is about how to teach white students to engage in constructive conversations about race and racism. The other is a case study of a high school class that examined contemporary racism in America.

Further thoughts to consider:

-How the current climate of unequal wealth distribution greater than any in our country’s history possibly creates resistance to the idea that racism is still an ongoing systemic problem.

-Mass incarceration of Black Americans via the War on Drugs is the current leading cause of the destruction of Black communities.