Hi, I’m Abi! I’m a teacher/librarian currently working in higher education. My specialties include adolescent/young adult social studies and literacy education, visual communication and design, critical media studies and school/academic library programming. I taught middle and high school for 2 years. Previously, I worked in Washington, D.C. as a librarian (5 years for the feds and 1 short but formative semester at a private school). I use this space as a place to explore my professional growth, as both an educator and advocate for 21st century literacy skills (hint: not just reading). More information about my professional life can be found here.

In my spare time I am an amateur artist, interior design fan, avid reader, and pilgrim to places with historical or archaeological treasures.

My blog’s name means “book girl” with the “biblio” coming from Greek and the “onna” comes from Japanese. I am neither Greek nor Japanese, but I have a long-standing interest in both cultures, so I thought I would honor them that way.