Book display roundup – lessons learned from March

For the main book display in March, I used this awesome article from Buzzfeed of all places. 22 Books You Should Read Now, Based on Your Childhood Favorites. We didn’t have all of the rec’d titles in our collection, so we purchased some of them, or I just left them out. Of the 18 or so books that were displayed, we had 9 of them checked out, and some of them were checked out more than once, like Never Let Me Go and Catch-22. So, success! I think the students found it easy to understand which book would appeal to them, since I taped the blurb next to each pair.

Also in March we got our spring shipment in of new fiction from Follett, and we displayed them right at the circulation desk, which is as front and center as you can get in my library. It was a great way to push fiction onto the kids. It’s not that they don’t like reading, it’s just that most of them are extremely bogged down with school work, so fiction gets pushed to the side. But when a tempting book is right in their face, it’s harder for them to say no.

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